Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This and that

Lately I have been feeling like this! I always said I would never become a "frumpy" mom. But I have! I love hanging out in Paul's basketball shorts and a t-shirt, it's the most comfortable combination of clothing. If I don't have to go anywhere I will lounge in them all day. I will even pick up my kids from school in them, as long as I don't have to get out of the car. I am trying to wear my regular clothes more, but I honestly feel like they get stained up from cleaning and doing things with the kids. Paul is always asking me how my clothes get ruined so quickly. My response is usually the same - I have 4 kids!
Okay so remember the little man that broke into our house in February? Well he was sentenced to 5 years on prison and he has to pay us back for the damage he caused. I am not holding my breath on that one though. The interesting is, the month he broke into our house he also burglarized 3 other homes! And he owes all of us upwards of $20,000. He wrote a letter to the judge hoping for leniency and how badly his life has been etc., but never once mentioned any regret over what he had done. The sad thing is he was only 19 years old when all these burglaries occurred. Hopefully 5 years in jail will make him think about changing the direction in his life.


  1. that's funny/kinda sad about you feeling frumpy..I have been the same way lately..and I feel so bad for Mike cause unless we are going to church or somewhere else really special that is all I want to wear!! I have gained some weight lately cuz of pure laziness and that isn't helping my situation..I figured if I would wear my normal "getting tighter everyday" clothes it would help..but oh I love to be comfortable..:)

  2. I love that picture! I feel like that even when I had my jeans on... something about having a baby on my hip, one hand washing something and my eyes watching the boys distroy the room I just cleaned... so I'm yelling at them to stop distroying my house... even in my cute clothes I'm still a stay at home mom who's ran ragged and exhasted. I guess we just can't get away from it. :-)

    I'm glad they caught the burglar. It's so sad that so many kids grow up in such terrible situations that they never learn respect or responsiblilty. Hopefully he can get some help in prison and really be rehabilitated.

  3. Basketball shorts and a t-shirt are staples in my life too! At least we're not alone in it :)