Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

For spring break we didn't really plan anything - just a quick visit to Thatcher to see Paul's family. And the exciting part was going to Duncan where my brother in law and sister in law run a dairy farm. This is always our kids favorite part - forget Disneyland - let's go see all the animals! Unfortunately Joel contracted pink-eye about 2 days before we left and looks a little miserable in the picture below. It was one of the worst cases of pink eye I have ever seen but thankfully Paul hooked him up with some good eye drops and within 24 hours he looked so much better.

He is still a cutie anyway!

I love this picture of Joel looking up to Jarom

The girls insisted I take a photo of their dogs dressed in

Christmas scarves and hats

At Duncan in the back of Aunt Lucia's truck. This is

one of the things my kids love about the farm - riding in
the back of a truck with no seat belts.

This huge stack of cotton seed makes for some fun times-

very dusty-but fun

See how happy Joel is that he can ride in the truck, on the

farm without being strapped into a carseat

Lacey making her way up the mountain of seed

Lacey & Jessica riding in the pack of Aunt Lu's truck

Joel was thrilled by the baby cows

One of the big cats had some kittens and Jarom carried this

one around for about an hour - he was quite attached to it

Jessica finally got over her initial hesitation to hold the kittens

and posed for this picture

Lacey riding on the teeter-totter

Friday, March 20, 2009

It didn't work

Well I haven't had a chance to post my pictures from our trip to Thatcher over spring break because I have had 2 sick kids all week - Lacey & Joel. I finally broke down and took them to the doctor today. And guess what they have - influenza A - in other words the flu shot they had a couple months ago didn't work. And I know it's not guaranteed to work either; the scientists having to guess about which strains they think will surface during flu season, but it's still frustrating nonetheless. And then I have been thinking of all the places we've been over the past week and how many people we may have infected! Augh....
There is nothing that can't be done for the the flu; just rest, ibuprofen and liquids. Dang. That is not something a two year old really wants to do. He would rather hang off my leg all day and be fussy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Washing clothes in the toilet and other items....

Have you ever been to a public park and had to use the restroom? When you walked into the restroom were you ever greeted with a sign that says:

"Due to constant problems with the toilets clogging up because clothes are being washed in them, we ask that you quit doing this. If you are responsible you will be banned from the park. If this doesn't stop, the restrooms will be permanently closed."

Why I didn't snap a picture of this sign is beyond me, but it was the most hilarious thing I have ever read. It's posted in the restrooms at the Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix. That would be the park that is on the tunnel that runs over I-10. I accompanied my girls on a field trip to the Puppet Theatre and then afterward we had lunch at played at this park. The parents and teachers all got a kick out this sign as this particular park is known to have many transients that come through it. Though I would never have thought someone could have concocted such an interesting way to wash their clothes - ever thought of using the sink?

Anyway below are some pictures from our trip. We are planning on going to Thatcher this weekend as the kids are now on Spring Break. And then Joel came down with Pink Eye yesterday and I have been cleaning the house like mad trying to get rid of his little germs. But really is that possible to do with a toddler that touches everything? I am also sick, with a cold, so I haven't felt any better but I know for sure that I don't want pink eye!
Lacey and Jessica on the baby swings. (After they were done several other kids wanted to swing on these too. The only problem is I had to lift them in and out of the swings. All was fine until a little chubby boy got stuck and I couldn't pull him out! A stranger had to come help me get him out as he was moaning about his crotch hurting!)
Lacey, Jessica, Nathan (A boy from our ward), and three other kids from Jessica's class.
(Note the one boy making the gang signs - nice...)

Jessica and Lacey in the puppet theatre

Lacey and Jessica lining up after practicing the mandatory
bus evacuation drill prior to leaving for their field trip

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Justice is served

Well the detective who investigated our robbery case called me yesterday with great news, the individual who broke into our house was arrested and put in jail! Apparently he is a prior felon and was on probation so now he's in a little more trouble than he could have been. We are pressing charges so who knows how all that is going to play out. We just want to be compensated for our losses, or as my brother in law would say, "receive our beat down money!" The detective said the man initially denied the whole thing until the officers said they had his DNA samples from the scene of the crime and then he fessed up. Unfortunately he doesn't have our property - its long gone - no surprise there. But good news for us anyway!