Friday, March 13, 2009

Washing clothes in the toilet and other items....

Have you ever been to a public park and had to use the restroom? When you walked into the restroom were you ever greeted with a sign that says:

"Due to constant problems with the toilets clogging up because clothes are being washed in them, we ask that you quit doing this. If you are responsible you will be banned from the park. If this doesn't stop, the restrooms will be permanently closed."

Why I didn't snap a picture of this sign is beyond me, but it was the most hilarious thing I have ever read. It's posted in the restrooms at the Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix. That would be the park that is on the tunnel that runs over I-10. I accompanied my girls on a field trip to the Puppet Theatre and then afterward we had lunch at played at this park. The parents and teachers all got a kick out this sign as this particular park is known to have many transients that come through it. Though I would never have thought someone could have concocted such an interesting way to wash their clothes - ever thought of using the sink?

Anyway below are some pictures from our trip. We are planning on going to Thatcher this weekend as the kids are now on Spring Break. And then Joel came down with Pink Eye yesterday and I have been cleaning the house like mad trying to get rid of his little germs. But really is that possible to do with a toddler that touches everything? I am also sick, with a cold, so I haven't felt any better but I know for sure that I don't want pink eye!
Lacey and Jessica on the baby swings. (After they were done several other kids wanted to swing on these too. The only problem is I had to lift them in and out of the swings. All was fine until a little chubby boy got stuck and I couldn't pull him out! A stranger had to come help me get him out as he was moaning about his crotch hurting!)
Lacey, Jessica, Nathan (A boy from our ward), and three other kids from Jessica's class.
(Note the one boy making the gang signs - nice...)

Jessica and Lacey in the puppet theatre

Lacey and Jessica lining up after practicing the mandatory
bus evacuation drill prior to leaving for their field trip


  1. Perhaps, since they don't have an agitator to get the dirt out, they figure that the suction from the "flush" will do a comparable job! :-P How funny!! The girls are adorable, as always! Hope you and Joel feel better soon.-Love, Mom

  2. That is pretty funny! Cute pics of the girls.

  3. Hope you are all feeling better. That picture with the kid doing gang signs, Funny and not so funny at the same time. Glad the police caught the burglar too.
    It was fun to run into you in Thatcher and chat for a minute.