Friday, January 23, 2009

Train Park

Since the kids had Monday off in observance of MLK day, Stacey (Allred) and I decided to take the kids to McCormick/Stillman Train Park in Scottsdale. The weather was amazing and the kids had a great time. (Joel was a bit of a beast - but that's because he had a little cold.)
Joel, Jessica, Jarom, Lacey
Lacey, Jessica, and Jarom walking around on the tracks.

Joel was having "attitude" issues, so I gave him a mostly empty juice box so he would be happy.

Waiting for our turn to ride the train. You can see the back of Anna (Allred) and the Lacey and Jessica.

Instead sitting up on the bench, in the train, Joel decided to sit on the floor and dig through my diaper bag.

While we were waiting for the carousel, Joel was throwing a major fit so a nice lady offered to let him play with her kids little cars until her children were done riding the carousel. Thank heaven for the generosity of strangers.

Getting impatient waiting for the carousel - (Clockwise from the bottom) is Jessica, Anna, Brendan and Jarom.

Jessica sitting on the bottom of one of the many slides.

I took this picture just as Lacey came down the slide so she has a wild expression on her face.

If there was ever a picture that described Joel to a "T", it's this one. He couldn't get enough of climbing up this wire barricade. Thankfully the top was curved over toward him so he couldn't have fallen out. But this is pretty much what I deal with on a daily basis....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Maybe they do listen

Do you ever wonder if your children listen to a word you say? Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a brick wall or that what I say goes in one ear and out the other. Paul and I have tried hard to teach our children manners: the whole please and thank you thing. And for the most part they seem to okay with it. But I always wonder, without my prompting, will they ever be gracious when I am not around?
So today at church we were sitting in front of an elderly gentlemen when Jarom dropped some of his crayons down the back on his chair and at this man's foot. The man leaned over, picked up the crayons and handed them to Jarom. Jarom turned around, looked at the man and in the nicest little voice said, "Thank You."
I don't know why that hit me like it did, but at that moment I thought, maybe my kids actually listen to me!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He's officially done!

We received word that Paul PASSED his American Academy of Pediatriacs Board Test. It's a grueling exam so we are very happy to get these results. He is officially board certified in pediatrics and he can rest easy knowing that school is over, residency is over, and this rotten test is over!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas 2008

We started the Christmas season with a fabulous "Kindergarten" holiday show in which Lacey and Jessica enthusiastically participated in. Below is Jessica Here's Lacey with some of her classmates
About a week later we hit Matta's restaraunt in Mesa for dinner before heading out to look at the temple lights. We are a little sad that the Matta's right by the temple closed down because we had to drive all the way over to the one on Higley and Brown.
(Joel, Lacey, Jarom, Jessica)

Making cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve! (Lacey, Jessica)
Christmas morning at 5:30am!!! Doesn't everyone look excited? (Mom and dad were not excited)

My lovely profile in the left and the rest of kids checking out the "Easy Bake Oven"

What is in this ginormous box?
A super cool kitchen from Aunt Lucia!

Joel prefers to use the kitchen as a jungle gym
Santa brought art kits for each of the girls. I decided to strike a pose while supervising the painting that was going on.

Jarom is thoroughly enjoying his new x-box game
Erika and her girls (Jess on the left and Lacey on the right)

Paul and Erika

Peer Pressure

Okay for all my sisters, sister in-laws, and friends who said I would eventually cave in and start a blog one day - well, you were right! I am totally giving in to peer pressure. Oh well, at least it's good peer pressure, right? I also figure since I am not so good about keeping a journal anymore, perhaps this could serve as one for me.
I just hope in the coming months, especially when I go back to school next week, that I can keep this up. I only have one child at home during the school year so I have it pretty easy, but don't fault me if I take weeks off at a time. :)
I must give a shout out to my sister, Allison Brown, who designed this amazing blog! She has tons of layouts for anyone to use - for free - at So check it out!