Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He's officially done!

We received word that Paul PASSED his American Academy of Pediatriacs Board Test. It's a grueling exam so we are very happy to get these results. He is officially board certified in pediatrics and he can rest easy knowing that school is over, residency is over, and this rotten test is over!


  1. YAY!!!! I never had any doubt that he would pass, but I'm sure glad it is FINALLY official so that he can relax and just enjoy being a doctor!!!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so happy and excited for you! you are offically DONE! I can't wait for that day! You both are an inspiration to Nate and I. Every time things get stressful (which is pretty much every day) we just look at you two and and remember that this is temporary! We can get through this. Someday we will see a paycheck! HURRAY FOR PAYCHECKS!:)

  3. YEA!!! Glad your wait is over (since we all knew he would pass!). Going out to celebrate??? Let me know and I'll watch your kids.

  4. Congrats!
    So cool to find your blog... I stumbled upon it while checking out Amy's, which I stumbled upon while checking out Becca Terry's. I've also found Candee McRae's and Cameron Tregaskes on here; it's been a blast! :D
    Cute family you guys have, and congrats again on being done for good! :)