Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas 2008

We started the Christmas season with a fabulous "Kindergarten" holiday show in which Lacey and Jessica enthusiastically participated in. Below is Jessica Here's Lacey with some of her classmates
About a week later we hit Matta's restaraunt in Mesa for dinner before heading out to look at the temple lights. We are a little sad that the Matta's right by the temple closed down because we had to drive all the way over to the one on Higley and Brown.
(Joel, Lacey, Jarom, Jessica)

Making cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve! (Lacey, Jessica)
Christmas morning at 5:30am!!! Doesn't everyone look excited? (Mom and dad were not excited)

My lovely profile in the left and the rest of kids checking out the "Easy Bake Oven"

What is in this ginormous box?
A super cool kitchen from Aunt Lucia!

Joel prefers to use the kitchen as a jungle gym
Santa brought art kits for each of the girls. I decided to strike a pose while supervising the painting that was going on.

Jarom is thoroughly enjoying his new x-box game
Erika and her girls (Jess on the left and Lacey on the right)

Paul and Erika


  1. yea you got a blog site!! (I found it at Joel and Melynda site)I cannot believe how big your kids have gotten.. super cute! Glad to hear you guys had a good Christmas..hope the new year is good for you all and good luck with school..(I'm going to add you as a friend, hope you don't mind!) to you soon! Missy

  2. Hey Erika,
    Fun to see your cute kids. I hope school goes well for you. I will be joining the ranks of Mom's finishing school as soon as Brigham is the only one at home too. Just think, by then, you'll be DONE with school!