Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Fun-ness

Well it is unfortunately summer time. I don't deal so well with having the kids home all day everyday. There is just too much fighting and exclamations of "boredness." But one great thing about having a trampoline in the summer time is being able to play with water on it. Our kids do this all the time and it totally wears them out. This is Jessica passed out on floor after playing outside in the 100 degree heat.
The week before school got out I was down and out with strep throat. It was so awful. It took 3 days for the antibiotics to start working. It was one of the worst cases I've ever had. While I was thus passed out on the couch, I began to think and I realized with summer coming on it was probably going to be time - when I felt better of course - to start potty training Joel. (Who it 3 1/2 I may add.)

Don't let this happy image fool you. He was not a very willing participant.
Infact, he didn't really make much of an effort at all. Just peed and pooped wherever he was in the house. After 3 days of h*** I decided the "control" struggle just wasn't worth it, so he's back in diapers. My mom thinks this is totally hilarious, "because what goes around, comes around". In other words, I wasn't potty trained until I was 4.

This was the "incentive" toy. It didn't work. It is now up in the closet.

Note the lonely and neglected potty seat in the background.

Lacey wanted me to take a picture of her new stuffed animal. Note the doors in the background. I finally got around to painting them the same shade of white as the trim.

For fun I decided to snap a couple pictures of our house. Paul does such an amazing job with our landscaping!

The house from another angle

We started swimming lessons again this summer. It's like a tradition and the pool we go to is pretty much where half our ward goes, so it's a chance for us ladies to have some social time while the kids are occupied.
(Don't you love Lacey's hair? She and Jessica haven't quite mastered wearing goggles without completely messing up their hair. I think it's kind of cute so I don't usually fix it.)

Joel LOVES the pool and can hardly wait to jump in when we arrive each day.

Lacey having fun




Joel and a couple classmates coming down the slide with his teacher.