Friday, January 23, 2009

Train Park

Since the kids had Monday off in observance of MLK day, Stacey (Allred) and I decided to take the kids to McCormick/Stillman Train Park in Scottsdale. The weather was amazing and the kids had a great time. (Joel was a bit of a beast - but that's because he had a little cold.)
Joel, Jessica, Jarom, Lacey
Lacey, Jessica, and Jarom walking around on the tracks.

Joel was having "attitude" issues, so I gave him a mostly empty juice box so he would be happy.

Waiting for our turn to ride the train. You can see the back of Anna (Allred) and the Lacey and Jessica.

Instead sitting up on the bench, in the train, Joel decided to sit on the floor and dig through my diaper bag.

While we were waiting for the carousel, Joel was throwing a major fit so a nice lady offered to let him play with her kids little cars until her children were done riding the carousel. Thank heaven for the generosity of strangers.

Getting impatient waiting for the carousel - (Clockwise from the bottom) is Jessica, Anna, Brendan and Jarom.

Jessica sitting on the bottom of one of the many slides.

I took this picture just as Lacey came down the slide so she has a wild expression on her face.

If there was ever a picture that described Joel to a "T", it's this one. He couldn't get enough of climbing up this wire barricade. Thankfully the top was curved over toward him so he couldn't have fallen out. But this is pretty much what I deal with on a daily basis....


  1. Joel's pictures are hilarious. I wonder if Brigham will be a climber, he is pretty onery. Good thing little boys are so cute. Wished I could have been there with you guys.

  2. Such a fun day! So glad we went!! I might have to steal a couple of those pictures with Anna in them if I ever decide to update my own blog =)

  3. I'm really surprised Joel was such a beast since he loves trains so much. Go figure. It has been such beautiful weather lately hasn't it? Hooray for awesome weather-that way we can ship the kids outside!!

  4. What a FUN day! It looks like the kids all had a great time, and I LOVE the picture of Joel climbing the fence, he reminds me so much of Nathaniel at that age!

  5. Hey Erika..
    It looks like you all have a blast! Don't you just love Arizona, to be able to go out for the day in January and wear short sleeves!