Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a month!

I am so glad that January is over with. The start of 2009 has been stressful for us to say the least. It all started with Lacey getting a very nasty cold that eventually got passed on to the rest of us. And it was bad - high fevers, hacking cough, disgusting runny noses, etc. Lacey and Joel both ended up with ear infections in the end but much to Jarom's luck he hasn't gotten sick.

It's always bad when I get sick because I have to keep plugging away and doing my motherly thing even though I don't feel good. However, I didn't get it nearly as bad as the kids so I can't complain. Between Lacey and Jess they missed about a week of school - which means I missed out on going to gym for most of the month because the kids weren't all sick at the same time! So not being able to go to the gym, getting sick myself, having sick kids, and then starting school all within a 3 week time frame about killed me. So I melted down (i.e. cried while Paul looked at me helplessly), called my mom who gave me great advice and decided to quit whining and just do my best. I originally signed up for 2 classes this semester but an opportunity came along to take a condensed version of Computer Info Systems so I decided to do it. That will basically be an easy "A", but then again it's additional homework. Oh well.

And then today I had Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and I am sitting here a little drugged up, looking haggard and wearing a strappy thing around my head that holds a gauze pad under my nose (it's collecting the discharge from the surgery). Paul snapped a rather atrocious looking photo of me while I was sleeping on the couch and I am debating on posting it. I actually can't upload it right now because Paul has the camera at the Pinewood Derby. I am sad I am missing Jarom's first race, but I couldn't really attend since I am still draining heavily. I will post pics from the derby as soon as I can.

So anyway, let's just hope February is a better month for us! Paul and I have planned a getaway to Flagstaff to go skiing in a couple of weeks and we are really excited about that. We haven't gone on any dates in like 6 weeks because we've all been so sick. But it looks like everyone is on the mend. Yeah!


  1. Dang Erika it sounds alot like my month of January!(except at least I don't have to worry about taking classes)but I totally know how you feel, I'm actually worried 2009 isn't going to be a very good year for me!! :) let's hope it changes for the better for us both in February!! I hope you start to feel better from your surgery and that you and paul have a great weekend together in Flagstaff.. take care

  2. What a crazy start to the new year!
    I'm sorry about everyone getting sick, I totally know how that goes! It stinks to be a Mom when you don't feel well! I just want to curl up on my bed and cry for my mom and then I realize... I'm it.

    I can't wait to see puctures of Jarom's pinewood durby race! Andrew is so excited to do one, but they haven't announced when it's going to be yet. I really hope that Nate can help him with his car... I don't have a clue how to carve anything!

    Have fun in Flagstaff!
    I love your layout by the way!

  3. You so need to post the pic that Paul snapped of you! Can't wait for our ski trip!!