Friday, February 13, 2009

little update

Well all my kids are home for a 4 day weekend and surprisingly, they are behaving quite well, which is why I am taking a quick moment to write on our blog. My mom and sister were telling me I needed to post some pictures of our new living room furniture that was delivered yesterday so I agreed. We really like the furniture though I almost cried when Paul had to break down our old sofa and throw it in the garbage.

The past week and half have been filled with so many mixed emotions. At first, I think I was in shock that someone had broken into our home and wasn't really feeling anything. But as the days went by I started to get angry, depressed and even fearful. Needless to say I have been very comforted by one thing and that is, even though the Lord didn't stop this person from breaking into my home (because He won't take away our agency) he did make it possible for me to be removed from the situation. And that is where all my daily prayers of "please keep us safe" come into play. The only way I could be safe with my boys was not to be home.

So anyway we are getting back into the groove of things again and like the day after the break-in, Paul and Jarom zipped over to Wal-mart and bought a new x-box with some new games. Our new TV is supposed to be here any day now and of course we have furniture that we can actually be comfortable on now. Oh and we are putting in a top of line security system on Monday! (That's where another one of my biggest comforts is coming from). I am a little ticked that half our refund is going to fixing this mess, but on the other hand it's another blessing that we have the money to even do it all. Granted we will get most of it from our insurance except for our $1,000 deductible, the security system installation, and the depreciated value of our couches. But hey things could have been a lot worse. The guy could have trashed our house and he didn't - we were so blessed. Have I said that enough? Okay I will quit and post the pics of our new furniture. Sorry they turned out so badly, but the sun was really pouring through the windows when I took them.

Our new couch

We decided to skip the matching love seat and get two chairs instead

View from the kitchen

A very grainy view from the stairs and my two boys!


  1. GOSH. I still can't believe that happened to you guys!! That would be a scary thing to "shake"; I probably would have felt the same way as you.

    I DO love your new furniture though! Sometimes it's nice to have a REAL "excuse" to buy new stuff...and not just because we WANT it. :P

  2. Looks great! I really like the chairs-they add a nice little 'pop'.

  3. I love the furniture! I think it looks great and I like the chairs. Good idea!

    I can understand not being able to easily get over having someone breaking into your house. I can't get over it and yet, it didn't even happen to me. I'm just so grateful that, like you said, you weren't home. The Lord does give everyone their free agency (though stupid their decisions may be) but the Lord also knows to protect us from those who may decide to do harm.

    I sooo hope they find the guy.

  4. It looks really nice! I just hope the couch is as comfortable to sleep on as was your last one! :-D

  5. Ditto to what Candace said!!! I'm SO glad you all are safe and glad you are getting a security system!!! Love the new furniture, it's cute. ;)
    Makes me so sick the way people in this world are today! :(

  6. Grandpa Carr's PlaceFebruary 16, 2009 at 2:12 PM

    Erika/Paul and family... Great to hear from you and to read some of he things that have been happening to you. These infrequent occurances do tend to rattle our cages, but we know that our loving Heavenly Father is watching out for us. I guess one would have to ask, "what did I or we learn from this crime against our home"? The Lord is watching out for you and your family.. it probably wasn't an accident that you were not at home when it was broken in to. Much love, Grandpa Carr

  7. I keep forgetting you have a blog now and haven't checked it in a while!!

    I enjoyed your testimony today! It is amazing the whole chain of events that made it so that your family was safe. You were definitly being protected!

    Love the new furniture! I like how the chairs and pillows on the couch coordinate.