Thursday, March 5, 2009

Justice is served

Well the detective who investigated our robbery case called me yesterday with great news, the individual who broke into our house was arrested and put in jail! Apparently he is a prior felon and was on probation so now he's in a little more trouble than he could have been. We are pressing charges so who knows how all that is going to play out. We just want to be compensated for our losses, or as my brother in law would say, "receive our beat down money!" The detective said the man initially denied the whole thing until the officers said they had his DNA samples from the scene of the crime and then he fessed up. Unfortunately he doesn't have our property - its long gone - no surprise there. But good news for us anyway!


  1. That is great news! One more creep off the streets!

  2. So I tried to comment and it was deleted. So sorry if I'm posting twice!!

    I'm SOOO happy to hear that they got the guy and he's in jail!! I totally agree with Becky, one more CREEP off the streets.

    And can I take a guess which brother in law mentioned the "beat down money"?? Hmmm....

    Loren totally laughed when he heard that line!

  3. That is great news!!! Figures he would deny it, but the evidence never lies!! HA HA HA! Take that buddy!!!

  4. That's awesome, most of the time they never get the bad guy! At least you can have some type of closure knowing he was caught! I hope everything works out with that!