Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

For spring break we didn't really plan anything - just a quick visit to Thatcher to see Paul's family. And the exciting part was going to Duncan where my brother in law and sister in law run a dairy farm. This is always our kids favorite part - forget Disneyland - let's go see all the animals! Unfortunately Joel contracted pink-eye about 2 days before we left and looks a little miserable in the picture below. It was one of the worst cases of pink eye I have ever seen but thankfully Paul hooked him up with some good eye drops and within 24 hours he looked so much better.

He is still a cutie anyway!

I love this picture of Joel looking up to Jarom

The girls insisted I take a photo of their dogs dressed in

Christmas scarves and hats

At Duncan in the back of Aunt Lucia's truck. This is

one of the things my kids love about the farm - riding in
the back of a truck with no seat belts.

This huge stack of cotton seed makes for some fun times-

very dusty-but fun

See how happy Joel is that he can ride in the truck, on the

farm without being strapped into a carseat

Lacey making her way up the mountain of seed

Lacey & Jessica riding in the pack of Aunt Lu's truck

Joel was thrilled by the baby cows

One of the big cats had some kittens and Jarom carried this

one around for about an hour - he was quite attached to it

Jessica finally got over her initial hesitation to hold the kittens

and posed for this picture

Lacey riding on the teeter-totter


  1. I love that first pic of Joel-what a cutie pie.
    Hey, we want to go to Aunt Lucia's farm! Looks like a blast-baby cows and kittens, no seat belts, we're totally in.

  2. Erika!
    So good to hear from you! I am so sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Computer problems...need I say more?
    Anyway, your family is soo cute! And so grown up! Your newest addition Joel is absolutely adorable. I should probably be emailing you and not taking space on your blog. Sorry. So good to hear that Paul is DONE and practicing!
    Ron loves being a PT and we still like Las Vegas. I didn't think we'd be here this long, but we can't complain, life has been great for us.
    I have kept in contact with Emily Wright, but it's been about a year since we've chatted. Her blog went private and I keep meaning to email her and invite me in :) She has 4 kids too- Josie, Kody, Tyann, Lacey. They're in Chubbuck, ID.
    Thanks again for writing. IT's great to be in touch with you again.
    Love, Jill

  3. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun! Gotta love trips to Duncan!

  4. Sorry, I am just barely getting to reading your blog. I hope you notice my comment. ;)
    That IS a serious case of pink eye! Poor Joel!! Glad it went away. Jarom is growing up! Heck, they all are!! The pics are adorable and glad they have so much fun at Lucia's.