Friday, March 20, 2009

It didn't work

Well I haven't had a chance to post my pictures from our trip to Thatcher over spring break because I have had 2 sick kids all week - Lacey & Joel. I finally broke down and took them to the doctor today. And guess what they have - influenza A - in other words the flu shot they had a couple months ago didn't work. And I know it's not guaranteed to work either; the scientists having to guess about which strains they think will surface during flu season, but it's still frustrating nonetheless. And then I have been thinking of all the places we've been over the past week and how many people we may have infected! Augh....
There is nothing that can't be done for the the flu; just rest, ibuprofen and liquids. Dang. That is not something a two year old really wants to do. He would rather hang off my leg all day and be fussy.

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