Wednesday, August 19, 2009

They are 6

It was 6 years ago today that I walked into Bergan Mercy Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska and told the nurse I was not feeling well and wanted to be checked by a doctor. She looked at me skeptically because I didn't appear to be in any pain and led me to an exam room where a doctor checked me out and found I was dilated to a 7 and Lacey's head was about ready to pop out.
It was a whirlwind from there trying to get me all prepped for a c-section. About an hour later two beautiful little girls were born. The first year was very challenging, but we certainly wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Happy Birthday Lacey & Jessica

(You'll have to excuse the odd way the pictures look - I
haven't really nailed down how to use our scanner the right way yet.)

Lacey and Jess during their first week home
My mom insisted I snap a picture of them next
to some object, so when they got older we could remember just
how they small they really were. Hence the reason they are next to a box
of baby wipes.

Once upon a time Jessica used to be mellow and Lacey
used to be loud - that has since changed.

Growing up and looking cute - if I say so myself...ha.ha..


  1. Yea, it works! I tried to post a comment on here earlier when you first posted this, but couldn't. I thought it was my computer's problem so I deleted all my cookies and history links and it still didn't work.

    But anyways, I forgot about these photos! They were so tiny! I bet you could've fit them into that wipey box! We always liked getting photos of them and trying to figure out who was who (which, to this day I still don't know!).

    Happy Birthday girls!! We love you!

  2. AAAWWWH! How sweet. I remember coming out to help you after they were born. They looked so different back then that we were positive they were fraternal!! Anyway, Happy Birthday to Jess and Lace!

  3. Please wish the girls a very Happy Birthday!! I can't believe they are 6! I would love to get together sometime soon. Let me know if there is a time that works out for you guys!

  4. That last picture in the post, I can see a resemblance to them now. Maybe because there hair turned to blonde. Kids grow so fast!