Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun with Joel

Lacey, Jarom, Jessica & Joel on the first day of school
School started on Monday! Need I say's just me and Joel at home and we are having a very agreeable time together. But I must admit he stills walks around the house asking for Jarom several times a day. He definitely loves his big brother.
We keep busy going to the gym and running errands and surprisingly, he doesn't complain at all, unlike his older (and should be better behaved about running around with mom) siblings. He is continuing in speech therapy every week and is doing great! We have seen rapid progress so we are very happy.
He is also, much to my surprise, being very self motivated about using the potty! He whips his diaper off several times a day and announces, "I go potty." Today I put him in underwear and he peed on the floor and then while I was cleaning the bathroom he ran in to tell me he had pooped - on the floor. Yeah! Love the potty training. And then as I was putting away the dinner dishes tonight he plopped on the potty seat and peed only to whip out the cup part that holds the urine and presses it to his lips in an attempt to drink it! I literally dropped what I was holding and yelled NO! as I ran over to grab it from him. Never a dull moment around here.
Since my older kids are required to read every day for a certain period of time I have been loading up on library books for them. Monday I took Joel to the library and got a stack of books, however when it was time to go he didn't want to leave. So I broke the cardinal rule of libraries and essentially threw him over my shoulder and let him scream all the way out the door. I tried to shush him, but it's not like I could cover up his mouth because my other arm was full of books.
All in all, I enjoy putting him down for a nap and having some quiet time during the day. Granted I start back to school on the 24th and I will have to use nap time as study time. Oh well - at least he still takes a nap.


  1. That's pretty funny about Joel's potty training antics! At least he's being so good for you while the other kids are gone. Last year Soph was so bored so had to 'go somewhere' all the time. My kids start up this Monday-Yahoo!!

  2. Hey! How are you doing? I am happy to see you have a blog! I am a little behind, so I am not sure how long. Anyway, I would love to invite you to my blog. Just send me an email with your email address:

    Your kids are so cute!! ;-)

  3. Oh... sorry! I am Brandi Schneider that use to be in your ward! ha ha....

  4. Hi! I just found your blog. What a fun family -- I'm still laughing about this post! I hope your kids have a great school year. We don't go back until Sept, but I'm already counting the minutes until my posterity are all back in the classroom!