Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer is almost...over

Blogger totally messed up the way I wanted these pictures
and the text to flow. So excuse the crazy set up.
This is what happens when we have the late schedule for church and Joel falls asleep in the car - it is nice that I can still move him inside the house without him waking up.

We have had a lot of thunder and lightening, but no rain to speak of! Jessica is very scared of the thunder and as this picture shows refused to go to bed unless someone slept right next to her. She wanted me to do it, but I wasn't up for going to bed at 7pm, so Lacey volunteered and they both happily slept through all the thunder.

Joel loves his train tracks!

Okay so summer is my least favorite time of the year. Mainly because of the heat and also because I am tired of having my kids home all day. It's bad enough when you are cooped up in the house, but lets throw some humidity into the weather (and record breaking temps) so I can just sweat more and be extra grumpy. And then let's toss in 'that time of the month' to sweeten the deal and you can guess how enjoyable I have been to be around.

One of my kids actually asked me why I am so angry? Oops! I don't mean to get angry it's just the result of all the above mentioned issues crusading against me. But we have one more week of vacation left, all school supplies have been bought, and even the kids are excited to get back into their normal routine.

I don't start back to school until the end of August, so I get a few weeks of a little break myself. I really need to repaint the girls bedroom, so we'll see if Joel is cooperative enough to let me do it.
On Friday Paul had surgery on his shoulder to repair a tear in the muscle. The surgery went well, but he is still in a lot of pain and has very limited mobility in his left arm. This means I get to be the resident "gardener" around the place, mowing the lawns and trimming the bushes. I have never mowed any of our lawns before and let me say that I have a new found gratitude for the whole manual labor experience. We spent 1 1/2 hours outside early Tuesday morning working in the yard. Paul directing me while I mowed the lawns and cut branches off one of our trees. It was only 8 in the morning but almost 100 degrees. I've never sweat so much in my life. The bad part was that sweat kept rolling down into my eyes and stinging like crazy! But I am happy to say I survived it all and without any allergic reactions to the grass. One thing I have realized from his limited mobility is that he does ALOT to help me out. On Saturday night I collapsed onto the couch in total exhaustion from all the work I did. And it's not like anything was particularly hard, but there just seemed to be so much more work than normal. I know I got the better end of the deal in our marriage! Ha.ha.


  1. I hear you about the yard work and how great it is that the guys are willing to do it! Everytime Dad goes out to mow down the weeds and comes in a few hours later with near cardiac-arrest and heat-stroke I keep reminding myself that we HAVE to do something with this property before we get too much older!!! (All the pics of the kids were really cute...So how can you be excited for them to go back to school when they look so "sweet and innocent"? :-P) - MOM

  2. This was your first time mowing the lawn and you've been in that house for how long? I'm so jealous. Because we have 2 large lawns Kory and I each pick one to mow. Although during the summer we gladly pay some teenage boys to do it for us!! Loved the pics of the innocent looking children;-)