Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To funny not to post

I love taking pictures of things that happen when my kids are very tired.

I dropped Jarom off at scouts tonight and left the other kids home with Paul. When I got back I saw a little "photo op" waiting for me.
This would be the result of playing hard all day and not having a nap - and it was only 6:45 pm! Gotta love kids!


  1. HAHA! He looks so cute! I just want to squeeze him! He reminds me of Ikee when he's sleeping!

    I didn't know stairs could be so comfy! Those are the same stairs that Courtney would continuously stumble down.

    I remember Paul, Loren and I laughing when we'd hear this thumping and then Courtney's head is suddenly seen behind the white wall. She'd get right back up without a sound. It happened like three times in an hour or two!

  2. Aaaah, what a little sweetie pie. There's nothing cuter than sleeping babies.

  3. I love this! Dallas still tells me that all of the trains that we have are for Joel! I would love to try and get the boys together soon! Take care