Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not a great day

Tomorrow we are leaving for Las Vegas. So today I had big plans to get alot accomplished. That did not happen. I went out to my car at 9:25 this morning with the intent of dropping Joel off at Stacie's so I could go to my public speaking class and, of all days to do it, deliver a speech. I strap Joel in, turn the key - and nothing. Turn the key again - nothing. I run in and call Stacie in a panic because I will be toast if I don't give my speech.
She graciously offers to let me borrow her van so I can race to school. I get to the school in record time, slide into my seat just as the teacher is starting class and notice it's really stuffy in the classroom. My teacher says, oh FYI the air-conditioner is NOT working. So I give my speech, finish class and race back to Stacie's house. She drops back off at home where I call my other neighbor, Emily, and ask her if she would please pick my kids up from school at 3. She is more than willing to do that and give my van a jump start. Between the two of us rather incompetent car jumping women, we manage to properly jump start my van. YES!
I race over to checker auto where I bought the battery only to have them tell me the battery is fine, but I should go to a repair shop and have it charged! Ummm I thought they charged batteries there..... so I run to a automotive shop, and they are baffled as to why checker sent me to them and they send me to another Checker. Thankfully I am close to my house and they agree to charge the battery but it will take an hour!
Did I mention I had Joel with me? It was almost 2pm by this time and so I think....what's a little walk home going to do? Okay it sucked! I had to carry Joel the whole 5 blocks because if I didn't, he would jump stop and "smell the flowers". I did not have on walking shoes of any kind and I could feel the blisters forming with each step. By the time I got home, I was COVERED in sweat - oh by the way it was 107 degrees outside and about 70% humid. I kicked off my shoes and discovered two blisters, I had sweat dripping into my eyes and I could barely see so I had to head immediately for the nearest bathroom and wash up. Joel was all sweaty, but after a couple rounds of water he went down for a very late nap. I laid in my garments on top of my bed with the air conditioner on 77 and the fan going full blast. After 20 minutes I cooled off enough to feel comfortable but by that time the kids were coming home and then we had to go get the van which needed, no surprise, a new battery.
But once it was installed the van started right up! YES! Now I am on my way to get fast food for my family because I haven't been home long enough to do a single thing today. Now I have to pack for a 5 days trip by tonight. Oh the joy! I have decided cars are really a great blessing and so are great friends!! Thanks so much Emily and Stacie!!!


  1. Wow--that totally stinks! But like you said, it's a blessing in and of itself to have cars and an even bigger blessing to have such great friends.

    I'm happy it was just the battery and not the starter or the alternator or some fuel/computer problem. Just a simple battery replacement.

    Have fun in Vegas. Why are you going there? Will you be visiting Andrea?

  2. Oh my gosh!! You so should have called me again, and again. I am so sorry you had to go through all that!! Just think how awesome your vacation is going to feel after all this craziness =)