Sunday, May 9, 2010

What we've been up to

So school gets out in 2 1/2 weeks and I am not very excited about that. But hopefully I can keep the kids busy for two months without going crazy. This past month I was able to go on a couple of field trips with the kids. About two weeks ago I went to the Children's Museum with the 1st graders. It was a fun little place. My girls keep asking when we will go back as a family. I am evading the question because it would be about $60 to take the whole family!

Lacey & Brooklyn Mather

Jessica, Brooklyn, Lacey (I always thought my girls were pretty tall for their age, but standing next to Brooklyn shows otherwise)

One of the first grade classes on the steps outside the museum

Taking a break

Jessica making a meal

Brooklyn and Lacey cooking up some tasty treat

The noodle forest

Jessica grocery shopping (after this field trip she informed me that she needs as grocery cart for her birthday)

About a week before the girls field trip I went with the 3rd-5th graders to Chase Field to watch some cool science experiments. Here is Jarom and his best friend Nate.

Here is one of my favorite Baseball Players, Louis Gonzales, and the other guy is Darren Sutton who announces for the Diamondbacks.

Not a great self taken portrait of Jarom and I. I look like I have 3 chins - nice.

Joel didn't have any field trips this year, but I snapped a few pictures of him playing on the computer. This is his new favorite thing. It's kind of unnerving to know that my 3 year old can operate a computer.

Playing "Club Penguin"

Another picture of him messing around.
Well I just finished up my last semester at Estrella Mountain Community College. I have nothing left to do but move on to ASU. Which was my plan until they hiked up their tuition. You get more bang for your buck if you go full-time. I can't go full-time until Joel is in school all day. And thanks to the budget cuts, he won't be in school all day until first grade, which isn't for 3 years. So I guess I am only a furlough for three years. Oh well - it's better than trying to juggle 15 credits around preschool and driving between the West Valley Campus and the Tempe campus. Maybe in three years they will have more of their classes on-line. That would be helpful.


  1. Children's Museums are SO fun! They have the largest one in the WORLD here in Indy and it is AMAZING. They have a great little program for people on Medicaid; we only have to pay $1 for each person! They also have yearly memberships where you pay $100 and you can take the whole family an unlimited number of times. Do they have something like that there? I know the Children's Museum is great for us in the winter when there is NO WHERE else to go and we're sick of going to McDonald's. I'm sure it's similar to living in Phoenix in the summer!

    Stinks that you can't continue with your education! Especially since you've already got back into the "swing" of things and now you have to take a break. Stinkin' money and time. :P

  2. Loved your update!! You even inspired me to post a few pics....

  3. I've gotten a "Boonshaft Muesum" membership. the Museum is actually in Dayton OH, and I've never been there BUT, with that $60 membership you also get free access to over 300 museums and zoo's all around the country! I think that I can even get into the Phoenix childrens museum and zoo for free with it.

    We've been to the Akron Zoo, the Cleveland Zoo, the Museum of Natural history, and the Cleveland children's science center with it! It's AWESOME! You should look into it and see what's availible in your area.

    Can't wait to see you in a couple of months!!!