Thursday, December 10, 2009


For Thanksgiving weekend we actually ended up staying home because Paul had to go see all the newborn babies at Banner Estrella and West Valley Hospital. Plus he had to be on call too, so we just decided to hang out at home. While Paul worked Thursday morning the kids and I cleaned out closets, bagged up old clothes, and made a nice large pile of stuff to drop off at DI. Then for Thanksgiving dinner we barbecued! It was so easy and I didn't have to worry about making a ton of food and not having enough people to eat it all.

On Friday we took advantage of some of the black Friday deals, not at 4:00am, more around 9 am to buy a few things at Staples and a new bed for Joel. We deliberately avoided Toys-r-us, Walmart and Target. That night we went to Matta's Mexican Restaurant in Mesa and then headed over to see the Temple lights. We had called the temple prior to leaving and they told us the lights would be on at 5:30pm. However, when we got there about 6pm and found it totally dark, we were a little frustrated. We stopped and asked an attendant what was going on and he said since it was opening night they were not going to turn on the lights until 7pm. We were not about ready to wait around with 4 kids for an hour. So we headed home and promised them we would go another night.

Saturday we took our new camera, from which all these pictures are taken (it was an early birthday present for me) and went to the Zoo. We had a great time and the kids loved it.

Jarom, Joel, Jessica, Lacey at Matta's

Making the kids pose so I could try out my camera (note the annoyed look on Jarom's face)

Me and the girls (I love the way that Lacey is making a face like she can't wait to get away from me! Ha.ha)

Lacey showing off her new Pokeman cards and Joel making a silly face

Joel, Jarom, Lacey, Jess at the entrance of the zoo

Climbing the tower to see the giraffe's

Paul looking sexy...

A tiger

Joel was getting tired towards the end

Checking out the sights

Striking a pose in front of the rhino's.
Jarom, Joel, Jess, Erika, Lacey


Jessica and a monkey (or maybe it's a baboon??)

Jarom messing around on the little kid playground




I love this picture because I was probably 50 feet away from this bird and my camera captured it like I was standing next to it.

Jessica on the merry-go-round

Me and Joel sitting down on the handicap bench! He refused to sit on one of the horses.

All in all it was such a great weekend and the kids even told us "this is the most fun we've ever had!"
That always makes family outings
more worth it.

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  1. Was that playground and merry-go-round all in the zoo? That looks like it would be a fun place to take the kids! So Joel got a big boy bed? You'll have to take a pic of that.
    Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving.