Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few things

This is what happens when one learns how to climb out of
their crib during naptime, destroy the bedroom and then become
so tired they can't quite make it back to bed.
Okay so I have been going through vacuum cleaner withdrawals! Last week
my new vacuum quit. Didn't make any noises, just shut off and
wouldn't go back on. I took it to a repair place because it's still
under warranty and apparently there was an electrical malfunction
and some parts got melted on the inside and it needs a new cord and
all this other jazz.
Well anyway, it's going to take two weeks to get the parts in! I vacuum
my house (okay, just the downstairs) every single day. My two friends,
Stacie and Emily, have graciously let me bother their vacuums, but
I always feel guilty asking. And then to add insult to injury- some older child
of mine left the pantry door open while I was upstairs yesterday and Joel
got a container of cracked wheat out and dumped the whole thing on the floor!
When the wheat is cracked it's not easy to pick up. Hence I had to use Stacie's vacuum again!
I feel like I have lost my best friend! Ha.ha.


  1. Cute picture but one question... Where is the mess? The room looks darn near immaculate to me! I wish my boys could keep their room that clean.

    Good luck with the vacuum. That's got to be frustrating.

  2. Actually the mess was in the closet and off to the left side of where I actually snapped the picture.

  3. For years I would vacuum every day, too, especially when I had a house full of children. I remember our upstairs neighbor being very amazed by this, but then she only had two demure little girls who hardly ever even made a "peep" let along a mess! :-P Hope you get your vacuum back soon!!

  4. Cute picture of Joel! I would die without my vacuum! I do the family room about 5 times a week. I remember one time when we were teenagers and Mom's vacuum bit the dust-or had to be repaired-and she 'vacuumed' the floor by sweeping all the stuff off the carpet onto the linoleum where she could sweep it into the dust pan-what a chore!

  5. Only Spencer learned how to climb out of our crib and Brig hasn't attempted yet. Sorry about your vacuum, I hate having to lug mine up and down the stairs all the time. I really want to get a shark vacuum too, so I have less trips up and down.

  6. I luckily never had a crib escapee!! Cute picture!!

    Sorry to hear about your vaccuum! I would be going thru withdrawals too. The cracked wheat spill sounds like something that would happen here at our house. Fun!