Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Break

On our way to San Diego!

Posing outside the San Diego Temple (Jarom, Joel, Jess, Lacey)

Me, Paul and Joel outside the temple.

So beautiful!

We drove up the California coastline and then randomly picked a place to park and walked to the beach.
(Lacey, Joel, Jarom, Jess)

I did not bring bathing suits or towels because I assumed the water would be freezing and we'd only want to put our feet in. Well I was wrong.

Joel was a little nervous at first.

It was actually a warm day so the kids decided to just get wet and have fun.

I think this is a cute picture of them. Thankfully I took one of them facing forward or I would not have remembered which girl was which.

Jarom, Joel, Lacey, Jess

So much fun!

After getting soaked we decided to rest on a patch of grass while the kids ran around in the sun trying to get dry. So here I am relaxing a bit.

We had to kill time before Sea World opened so we walked around a marina.
(Joel, Jess, Lacey, Jarom)

Erika & Joel

The entrance to Sea World. The kids thought this car was hilarious because looked like Shamu.

Joel at the polar bear display. This picture was taken after the polar bear wandered over by us and took a dump. Ha.ha.

Taking a break. (Lacey, Jess, Paul, Jarom and Joel is in the stroller.)

Waiting to watch the Shamu Show.

Lacey riding the sky ride over the bay.

Jessica on the sky ride.

Jarom, Erika, Lacey & Jess.

Jarom's 10th birthday was the day we got back from California. It looks like he got jipped on presents but he didn't. In addition to what is on the floor, he got money, a gift card and the new diary of a whimpy kid book that doesn't come out until Nov.

Yay! A new lego building set from Grandma and Suzy & Jill.

Okay so I look totally haggard, but that's what happens after you spend 5+ hours in the car with 4 kids. Anyway we bought him one of those ice cream cakes and it was quite delicious.

And now we are back into the swing of things again are already trying to figure out where to go next year. The kids want to try LegoLand and in a couple years we'll attempt Disneyland. All in all it was a pretty fun Fall Break.

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  1. What a fun way to spend Fall Break! Glad you had a nice vacation!!