Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First day of school

The first day of school - (and mom's around the country were shouting for joy). As you can see only three kids made it to school. Poor Lacey was home for a couple of days with a high fever that turned into a lovely whole body rash- yep she had roseola. But she started back to school mid-week and seems to be enjoying it.
She actually has matching PJ's, but for some reason decided to wear the top of one set and the bottom of the other.
Joel, Jess, Jarom (don't you love the gradual looks of doom as you move up to each child? Joel is thrilled out of his mind, Jessica is slightly happy and Jarom is totally ticked! Ha.Ha.)

The girls have been in separate classes since Kindergarten but both wanted the same teacher for second grade. I didn't feel like I could say yes to one of them and no to the other. So I gave in and said we could try it this year. But if they start competing with each other or having issues, next year they are going to be separated. Sounds so mean, but really they have such different personalities that being able to be their own selves is important. Jarom is in the 4th grade, with 3 other kids from our ward in the same class. We are thrilled about that. And Joel is back in his early intervention preschool. When we started him in January he only said about 50 words, now we can't get him to stop talking, we are very pleased with the results. Now if he would just get potty trained.....he will be 4 in January and it is an an embarrassment that he is still in diapers. But what do you do? It was becoming a power struggle and we know who wins those. So for now we are just waiting....and waiting and praying he takes the plunge before he is 4. Ah good times. I haven't been able to really enjoy the first week of school because I had a sick child home for most of it. But tomorrow I will have a whole morning of peace - after I go to the gym.


  1. LOL about your kids smiles or lack thereof. Summer slowly gets more boring with time for my kids, so by the end of the summer they are glad to go back to school and not be bored anymore.

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