Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

On February 2nd Jarom participated in his second pinewood derby. It was a lot of fun and organized so well that we weren't there for all hours of the night. He and Paul made a truck and painted it exactly the same as Paul's new truck. It performed pretty consistently during the derby, though Jarom didn't get into the top three. He is pictured here with his best friends, Nate Jones. Can you see the little arm protruding out of Nate's back - well that is Joel and he wanted to be everywhere the big boys were.

Joel kept hanging around with all scouts and walking all around the track. We managed to get him to sit down next to the track, but that only gave him reason to stick his hands on it. He was so excited and I am sure in 5 years, he will have a blast in cub scouts.

Paul and the girls sitting on the sidelines. The girls are extremely annoyed that they don't get to be in cub scouts and are counting down the days until they start Achievement Days (note: not until 2011).

Here are all the cub scouts in Jarom's pack. Jarom is actually third from the left, but you can't see him. Oh well...

Here is Jarom's car on the left, followed by Nate's car, and then the chocolate covered sprinkled donut car belonged to the boy who actually won the pinewood derby.

Jarom and his truck.

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  1. We have our pinewood derby next week. Spencer made his into a bullet, but we still need to paint it. He got 3rd place last year after they masking taped a bunch of fishing weights to his lightweight car. Luckily we were out of town for districts, as I was ashamed of his car with tape all over it. This year our goal is to get the weight right prior to the race without masking tape : )