Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween night was great weather! It was in the mid 70's, no one needed a coat, the wind was NOT blowing, it was perfect. We also had the ward trunk-r-treat party to attend and I always love it when it's actually on Halloween because then I don't have to take my kids around the neighborhood.

And since we were gone at the party we didn't have to worry about a bunch of strangers coming to our door. I totally like giving out candy to my neighbors and friends but when you get tons and tons of people you don't know coming, it almost isn't as much fun. The interesting thing was when we drove home from the party the streets surrounding our house were dead! I couldn't believe it - normally we have tons of kids out, but it was very quiet this year.

Being that everyone seems to be looking for ways to save money, a few of us from church got together and swapped costumes for our kids. Didn't have pay a dime for anything, it was great!

As you can see from the pictures, the girls wanted to be beautiful princesses. I should have bought some tiara's or something. Jarom is a race car driver and Joel is Woody from Toy Story. He refused to wear the cowboy hat - no surprise there. We came home from the party with an over abundance of candy and have had to place it all in one spot and hand it out in a systematic way so no one gets sick. My mom used to let us just go at it and in about 24 hours we usually consumed all the candy and then it was out of our system fast. I haven't reached the point where I am willing to do that. Maybe when the kids are older and can accept the consequences of their actions better. Ha.ha....

Joel & Jarom

Joel & Jarom again

Can you guess which is which?

(okay, it's Lacey on the left and Jessica on the right)


  1. They are all so adorable! I love the racecar driver costume. And the princesses. And of course Joel is a cute Woody!

  2. They all look so cute (and the princesses are beautiful) in their costumes! What a fun halloween!