Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6 hours with Dad


Okay so this picture is a little old but the expression on his face is pretty typical of how he behaves on a regular basis -- which is "I can do whatever I want." Paul had all the kids to himself for about 6 hours on Saturday as I did visiting teaching interviews all morning and then ran errands afterwards. When I got home I asked Paul how everything went and this was the low down:

1. Some older child thought it would be "okay" to give Joel a juice box and not supervise him. Hence I had to mop my dining room and kitchen floors when I got home because I was literally sticking to them. No one fessed up as to who gave him the juice either!

2. Paul went out to mow the lawn and spray for weeds while asking the older kids to please keep an "eye" on Joel. Never a good task to assign them. Anyway Paul had his mp3 player on so he didn't here Joel come out front but he sure saw him as he ran down the street NAKED.

3. Paul grabbed him and brought him back in the house, put his clothes and diaper back on and again told the older children that he was almost done and to please, please watch Joel. Once Paul finished the outside work he came inside and found Joel naked again, told him to go sit on potty seat and he would get his clothes. As Paul walked upstairs to the loft he started to catch a nasty smell. In the middle of the floor upstairs was a diaper full of poop with several older children laughing hysterically and throwing toys in it! Joel came sauntering back upstairs with poop all over his backside and as Paul looked down at the potty seat it was covered with a layer of poop! All three older children get in huge trouble and sent to their rooms while Paul cleaned up all the poop, toys, and Joel. I think Joel got in trouble too.... I can't really remember, I only wish I had recorded Paul's description of the events because it was far more funnier. In all fairness, Joel has been whipping off his poopy diapers for me pretty regularly, the only difference is, since he follows me everywhere I go, I can usually catch him in the act.

Not exactly a great Father's Day Eve for Paul. But being the fabulous man that he is he took it all in stride. We love you Dad!!


  1. This is hilarious!!! We've had a few days like this, and I LOVE it when Nate gets his turn. He always comes to me when it's all said and done and says, "You definately have the harder job." Gotta love that! I told him that has a doctor you have to deal with poop and vomit every now and then too and he said, "No, that's when I call "nurse!"".... I wish I had a nurse.

  2. Wow! Those older three are not good babysitters! ;) I thought they would be. I guess Paul learned something from this experience. Poor guy, cleaning up poop is freakin' NASTY! I've had to clean up some of Kiki's because it would land off to the side of the litterbox!! Gross!!