Friday, April 17, 2009


Jessica, Lacey, Jarom

The easter bunny came without to much fanfare this year. The kids really wanted to have an easter egg hunt, but I knew that would be a "fight" waiting to happen, with Joel wanting all the eggs for himself. So I decided to keep it simple and just give everyone a stuffed animal and a basket of candy. Joel got "Doc" and "Fillmore" to add to his growing "CARS" collection. I didn't put candy in his basket but that didn't stop him from following his siblings around and saying, "anny". I was also not a good mom and didn't do any fun easter crafts nor did we dye easter eggs. Maybe someday I will be more creative.

Joel opening his cars

A cute picture of Jarom and Joel in the tub

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  1. Nathan has a Mack Truck too, with a few Cars from the movie. He and Brigham both love playing with them. Looks like you had a Happy Easter.